Can a Visit to Strip Clubs Spice Up a Couple’s Sex Life?

For most couples, the idea of both or one of the pair going to a strip club is not just the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed, it’s downright taboo for some, a topic never to be discussed or an idea never to be explored. 

But would you change your mind if you know that there are benefits for couples that hit strip clubs? 
This may seem hard to believe but some sex experts believe that going to an adult club is a good way to spice up your sex life. There are several reasons why this is so, but more on that later. 

Moreover, not all adult clubs are focused on serving scantily clad men or women. The Pole Position, for example, is a couple-friendly venue that is fun and easy going rather than tawdry or nasty.

Their goal is to provide a different kind of strip club that both men and women can enjoy. It is more of an entertainment venue where you have other options than just watch strippers on stage, gyrating up and around the pole. 

They have a beer garden that you can escape to whenever you want. The overall atmosphere is also relaxed with no rigid rules and expectations. Here, it is all fun for everyone, most especially couples. 

With that in mind, you should not shun the idea of going to strip clubs with your partner or spouse. There are several reasons why such an adult venue can make your sex life sizzling hot.

Reasons Strip Clubs Can Add the Fizzle and Sizzle in the Bedroom

Foreplay is a breeze

It may not work for everyone, but the prospect of going to adult clubs is enough to make couples sexually excited. That arousal sustains right until you get home, so don’t be surprised if your lover jumps you at the first opportunity. 

Linger longer in a strip club, watch a couple of performances or more, and you can just imagine the kind of anticipation you will build up until you can reach climax. 

Are you adventurous in bed? 

The kind of titillations that strip clubs offer can be likened to the adrenaline rush you would feel under other extreme or exciting situations. A light touch here and there can be magnified many times over that the next skin-to-skin interaction is sure to be explosive. 

Feel sexier and naughtier

How many couples in your circle dare to go to strip clubs? 

That kind of knowledge will make you feel naughty, knowing you defied the norms. This will translate to feeling sexier and more adventurous. 
How strippers look can also have an effect on a woman. Someone sexy and sensual could make a woman more wanton. 
Care to act even sexier and more sensual than her to see if you turn just as many heads or drive your partner crazy? 

Someone looking tired with a poor performance will make some women feeling relieved. It is confirmed, you are more attractive than that woman on stage. No competition. 

Fun and inspiring

Look past your preconceived notions and see adult clubs as a source of fun and inspiration. Those ladies up on stage can teach you a thing or two on how to dress sexy without looking cheap, or dance with such sensuality that the one jaw you want to see drop will drop with no chance of ever closing. 

But just to be safe, visit a couple-friendly strip club and enjoy. Just think about what awaits when you go home. 

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